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Ozon Therapy

Ozone therapy is an updated method for treating many diseases for example:

Complications of dietetic patients: stroke, retinal detachment, loss of teeth, heart attack, occlusion of peripheral vessels, peripheral neuritis, diabetic foot ulcer lead to amputation, control blood sugar level

Chronic colitis 

Rheumatic disease


All joint pain of the body

Some immune disease

Some cardiac disease



Mental and physical stress

Increase activity 

Good sign of ozone therapy: no side effects or complications, no drug interaction, can be used from first day of delivery until end of age.

All types of ozone sessions are painless.

Types of ozone sessions:

Major autohemo therapy

Minor autohemo therapy

Rectal or vaginal insufflation

Joint injection

Subcutaneous injection 

Direct intramuscular 

Local dressing ( dry or wet )

Intra digital injection 

Ozone sauna