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  • Rehabilitation and occupational therapy clinic at Sheikh Manaa Bin Hasher Al Maktoum Polyclinic is dedicated to improving the individual performance to the patients and enabling them to defeat the disabilities and helps people gain greater independence after illness.
  • We provide services for adults who suffer from:
    - Back pain, neck pain and headaches.
    - Sports injuries and muscle strains.
    - Sciatica.
    - Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain.
    - Tennis and golfers elbow.
    - Tendinitis.
    - Vertigo/ dizziness.
    - Arthritic pain.
    - Knee pain.
  • Services offered :
    - Individual physiotherapy sessions with personal therapist.
    - Strength training.
    - Cardiovascular training.
    - Relaxation exercises.
    - Physiotherapy evaluation.
    - Manual therapy: joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, mobilization movement.
    - Therapeutic sports exercises.
    - Special physiotherapy exercises.

Lalita Chouhan