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Services offered :

Appropriate Cosmetic Dental Care.

  •  Prep & Non Prep Veneers.
  •  Gingivectomy by laser
  • Scalling and Whitening.
  •  Dental Jewelry (SKY C).

Treating all kinds of Dental Emergencies.

  •  Extractions( Simple,Semi-impacted and impacted).
  •  Root Canal Treatment.
  •  Dental Fillings.


  •  Fixed( Veneers, Crowns and Bridges).
  •  Removable ( Acrylic RPD, Chrome-Cobalt RPDs, Full Dentures).
  • Dental Implants

All Kinds of treatment in Pediatric Dental Problems.
Management of Oral health.

Dr.Khalid Al Ibawi

General and Cosmetics Dentist