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    - Diagnose and treatment of all diseases of the urinary tract.
    - Children’s urinary tract problems.
    - Infections and diseases of the prostate.
    - Kidney stones and urinary tracts.
    - Pain of flanks and lower abdominal region.
    - Bladder, prostate and kidney cancer.
    - Involuntary urinary incontinence.
    - Tumors of the kidney, bladder, prostate and adrenal gland.
    - Urinary tract symptoms including blood in urine (Hematuria).
    - Early detection and treatment of urinary tract and genital tumors.
    - Recurrent urinary tract infections.
    - Hypertension and/or Diabetes Mellitus suffering from any form of sexual inability or Erectile Dysfunction.
    - Performs Kidney, ureter and bladder, prostate and Testicular Ultrasound.