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Speech & language Therapist

Dr. Sabrya is a speech therapist who has worked in more than one clinic and center, including:
 Technical Manager and Speech Therapist Modern Centre for Speech and Language in Dubai From 2006 to 2015
 part time speech therapist in American Hospital: Dubai From 1996 to 2015 
speech therapist Belhoul European hospital from 1996-1999
community speech therapist at  Neuro spinal hospital Dubai from 2002- 2020 
Speech Therapist at Al Hikmah Psychiatry Clinic, Dubai From May 2002 to 2006 
speech therapist at child specialty centre, sharjah from 2004-2005
speech therapy consultant for the special education department at Al Noor international school 2004-2006
 Speech Therapist  Dubai Autism Centre From 2004 to 2005 
Speech Pathologist  at Early Intervention Centre From July 1993 to 2002 

My Skills
  • General speech, language and communication disorders                                       
  • Autism spectrum
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and dysgraphia
  • Language, speech and swallowing disorders related to stroke, MS or any neurological disorder
  • Fluency disorders like stuttering and cluttering
  • Voice therapy
  • Nasality, cleft lip and palate
  • Social and pragmatic language disorders
  • Delayed language development
  • Sollowing disorders
  • Working with different age groups from birth 
  • Courses for parents and care givers.
  • Providing therapy tools if needed
My Education

Higher Education: High School Scientific Branch 1986

BSc. Health Science 1990

MD Speech Pathology 1993

PhD Special Education 2010