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Dr. Belal Khalid AbuLebda

Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Belal has more than 20 years of experience in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics due to his scientific background and extensive experience in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Chronic fatigue and Thyroid Diseases. He has deepened his knowledge of COPD and Asthma and is able to help people with depression, anxiety, digestive issues like IBS and more.
- As a medical professional, he is keen to diagnose and investigate any disease, He wants to know the background of the different symptoms, research the problem and look at it from different angles so that he can help his patients get the best health care possible.
- He provided his medical expertise to hundreds of patients at Karolinska University Hospital
- Geriatric Department. - In 2013 opened his own clinic, Aspirus Halsovard, in Stockholm Sweden.
- Provided his expertise in Emergency Medicine - Naka Orthopedic and Pediatric Hospital.
- Family medicine specialist at the Primary Health Care Center at Karolinska Hospital
- Geriatric Department, Stockholm – Sweden.
- He provided his medical experience for a long time in the Swedish home care system which is of great interest in Sweden
- Dr. Bilal has an excellent and extensive experience in the field of telemedicine consultations, where he met hundreds of patients and provided them with healthcare and follow-up with accuracy, privacy, comfort and security.

My Skills

thyroid disease.
- Gastrointestinal disorders.
- Heart disease.
- Prolonged fatigue symptoms
- Depression and anxiety.
- Orthopedics. - Asthma.
- Pediatrics. - skin problems
- Obesity, weight gain and fat breakdown.
- Back and muscle pain
- Vitamin deficiency


My Education

1 - Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery - Medical College.
2 - Resident at Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden, Stockholm.
3 - Resident at Kolbergska Hospital - Internal Medicine in Stockholm - Sweden
4 - Resident family doctor at the Swedish Ministry of Health in Stockholm – Sweden.
5 - Family medicine specialist at the Swedish Ministry of Health.