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Prof/ Dr. Nabil Abdel Maqsoud

Professor of toxicology and addiction

Professor/ Dr. Nabil Abdel Maqsoud
Professor of Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Ainy - Cairo University
PhD in toxicology from the United States of America
Fellow of the Americanollege of Toxicology
• Treatment of detoxification as a result of the use of drugs, medicines, sedatives and alcohol without pain.
• Ozone therapy for cases of wasting, joint pain, diabetes, immunodeficiency, lack of oxygen in the body and stimulating memory.
• Stimulant solutions that raise immunity, prevent impotence, activate the sexual aspect and help in the freshness and vitality of the skin.
• Laser treatment of smoking.
• Colon washing with ozone water to treat irritable bowel, bloating, indigestion, constipation and chronic headaches

My Skills

Drug Detox
• Smoking Cessation
• Heroin Detox
• Tramadol • Codeine & HD
• Nalorphine Detox
• Pregabalin (Layika)
• Shapo Detox
• Crystal Meth Detox
• Alcohol Detox
• Ketamine Detox
• Sedation & Hypnotic Detox
• Hash & Strokes
• Captagon Detox

Body Detox
• Body Natural Detox
• Anti Aging Therapy
• Colon Detox
• Chelation Detox
• Rejuvenation Detox Therapy
• Rejuvenation Immunity

Psycho Therapy
• Psychological Analysis
• Psychological Mood Support

Protection Against Opiate Relapse
• Implant
• Tablets
• Injection

My Education

• Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery - Cairo University (1979)
• Doctorate of Toxicology from the United States of America (1990)
• Master of Environmental Health and Occupational Health from the United States of America (1985)
• Diploma in Industrial Toxicology - University of Michigan, USA


• Secretary of the Health Committee of the Future Watan Party on behalf of Giza - (Arab Republic of Egypt)
• President of the Egyptian Medical Association for the treatment of toxins and environmental diseases.
• President of the Arab Federation for Poison Control and Environmental Protection at the League of Arab States (under establishment)
• Former member of the Ethics Committee of the Academy of Scientific Research - UNESCO - United Nations.
• Member of the American Society of Environmental Health Sciences.
• Fellow of the American Society for Addiction Treatment
• Member of the American Health Association
• Member of the American College of Modern Medicine.
• Fellow of Johnson Hospital - University of Tennessee, USA.
• Medical Advisor, Secretary General of Hospitals and Educational Institutes Authority.
• Secretary General of the International Medical Team in Britain (IGROD).