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Dr. Luiz Sergio Toledo

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Dr Toledo is now based in Lisbon frequently visiting Dubai to treat his patients based in the UAE.  Consultations are now being seen at MMC Clinic in Jumeirah 1 and surgeries are performed at Dubai London Clinic Specialty Hospital also in Jumeirah, Dubai.

About you:

He has published more than 70 scientific papers and guest edited editions of the Clinics in Plastic Surgery Journal. He has given teaching courses on his face and body contouring techniques at the American congresses over 15 years. He was ISAPS Course Director for seven years, organizing courses all over the world. He organized annual symposiums in Belgrade, Serbia for over 10 years. Dr Toledo was elected as scientific director, and held this position in the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society for six years. His role within the local society was organizing monthly meetings for the plastic surgeons of the region and the International Annual Congresses  of the EPSS. He currently is the National Secretary for ISAPS in the UAE.

Dr Toledo is sought after for his refined body contouring techniques and his surgical finesse and expertise in all types of facial rejuvenation both surgical and non surgical.

He is one of the  pioneers in fat grafting  with 30 years experience in this field. As an originator of the Brazilian Buttock  technique, prescribed for enhancing and reshaping the buttock  he is sought after for this procedure along with other body reshaping techniques .

My Skills

The procedures Dr Toledo performs:

  • Body contouring surgeries
  • liposculpture which will include fat injection
  • breast augmentation and reduction
  • tummy tuck,
  • thigh lift, arm lift, full body lift
  • Brazilian Buttock Technique
  • Facial rejuvenation without scars
  • eyelid surgery, nose surgery, ear surgery
  • face lift surgery, neck lift, chin
  • Botox and fillers
  • Fat grafting in the face and body
  • Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty
My Education

Here is My Qualifications

Dr Toledo worked from his Plastic Surgery Clinic in São Paulo offering his patients, many who came from abroad, facial and body contouring procedures together with his aftercare facility Beatrix Aesthetics, for skin care and lymphatic drainage.

From 2001 Dr Toledo was working in the Middle East while maintaining his Sao Paulo practice and in 2006 he was offered a position in a busy Dubai practice and moved to Dubai with his family.

Dr. Toledo, over the past 30 years, has been involved in lecturing and teaching around the world. He has written and edited 14 books. His book “Refinements in Facial and Body Contouring” has been translated into several languages. His “Superficial Liposculpture” text book became one of the landmarks on the technique..

  • Graduated as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, studied in São Paulo (Brazil) in 1975.
  • SBCP - in 1976. member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery – SBCP - in 1976.